Newmarket Town Council is a public authority and the controller of your personal data in relation to services we provide you.  Our contact details are:

King Edward VII Memorial Hall
High Street
Suffolk. CB8 8JP

Telephone: 01638 675912

If you have any questions relating to this privacy notice, the contact details for our data protection officer are:

Telephone: 01638 675912

Addendum to this Privacy Notice (31 March 2020)

Regarding COVID-19, the council are operating a helpline for residents to provide assistance such as delivery of essential groceries and medication.

The legal grounds for processing personal data collected and recorded during those calls is based on the public interest and in some cases in the vital interest of data subjects.

Transferring personal data to third parties is based on our legal obligation to do so and again in the public interest.  Third parties are independent controllers.  Volunteers are processors who are only acting on the council’s instructions.  All recipients are requested to acknowledge a confidentiality and data-retention obligation.

Regarding the processing of special categories of personal data and, where in the seldom case that information is provided about criminal records or offences, the legal basis is the provision of health or social care and processing necessary for reasons of public interest in the area of public health.

Your rights are not affected, and you should read this privacy notice to understand what they are and how to make a request.  Further information is available in the ICO’s guidance on ‘Data protection and coronavirus: what you need to know’ and where volunteers are acting as processors on behalf of the council, you can exercise your rights as explained in the Privacy Notice.

Privacy Notice

It is in the public interest (our legal basis) for the processing for all the following purposes to provide our services to you:

  • providing you access to our services, including monitoring CCTV and your access to ensure public safety and the security of our systems, premises, employees and contractors, including crime prevention and detection, in the delivery of those services;
  • recording criminal offences and records that have a bearing on the council;
  • dealing with any disputes, investigations, and hearings which you may be a party to;
  • ensuring that correct payments, entitlements and disputes are administered appropriately; and
  • dealing with any requests, enquiries or complaints that you make to us.

The legal basis where processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation is relied upon when, for example:

  • retaining personal financial data as set out in the Finance Act 1998 to deal with any tax or related enquiries from HMRC regarding the delivery of our services;
  • transferring to other parties involved with the processing of your personal data for the delivery of our services;
  • we are legally obliged to share your personal data, such as for a Court order; and
  • for the purpose of equal opportunities monitoring as set out in the Equality Act 2010.

The legal basis for retaining special categories of personal data is:

  • in relation to your health, to protect the vital interests of you or another person when unable to provide consent, for the purposes of provision of health or social care, and processing necessary for reasons of public interest in the area of public health; and
  • for the establishment, exercise and defence of legal claims.

The categories of recipients are those parties involved with the processing of your personal data for the purposes of the provision of our services as outlined above.

For the sake of clarity, we do not transfer personal data to a third country or international organisation.  Other parties involved with the processing of your personal data may do so, and details are available on request.

For the above stated purposes, your personal data will be retained only for the period necessary to deliver our services to you.  Personal data relating to financial records will be retained for a further six and a half years following the termination of contracts with us, in order to meet statutory obligations and to deal with any related enquiries.

You have the right to request access to and rectify or erase your personal data, or restrict or object to processing of your personal data.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority – the contact details of the UK regulator, the ICO, are here.

Cookie Notice

Please see our cookie notice here.

All the envisaged purposes for processing your personal data are listed above, divided into the legal bases that we rely upon.  Further details regarding the processing of your personal data by us and other involved parties, including the purposes and legal bases, are available on request.

Please contact our data protection officer if you have any queries, a request, a complaint, or wish to alert us of a personal data breach via

Telephone: 01638 675912

Valid as of 31 March 2020.