he social contact rules are different. However, to protect our loved ones, particularly if they are vulnerable, this will mean that it isn’t possible to celebrate Christmas or other festivities, in the way you normally would.

You can form an exclusive ‘’Christmas bubble’ made up of people from no more than three households. But you cannot form a bubble with anyone from a Tier 4 area. You can only be in one Christmas bubble on the 25 December ONLY.

If you’re already in a support bubble
If you’re in a childcare bubble you can continue to use this bubble but only for childcare purposes and where you have no alternative. But, if you want to meet socially, your childcare bubble will count as two households toward the three households limit for Christmas bubbles.

Existing support bubbles count as one household towards the three-household limit. So, you can form a Christmas bubble with up to two other households, as well as anyone you are already in a bubble with.

Separated parents for children under 18
Children (aged under -18) whose parents do not live together may be part of both parents Christmas bubble, if their parents choose to form separate bubbles. Nobody else except children under 18 should be in two bubbles.

Whenever you are out of your home, remember ‘’Hands, Face, Space’’. Keep to the rule of 6 if meeting with anybody outside of your Christmas bubble, and only meet outside. Make sure indoors spaces are well ventilated by opening windows and doors.

Christmas Day Bubbles

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